Wire Containers

Wire Containers

European style heavy duty collapsible wire cage mesh box con

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Product number:ES-1003
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  wire frame storage cage  is made of welded steel wire. To weld U-shaped stiffener at bottom better for strengthening  structure  itself. To place cardboard in it so as to protect fragile goods or easily-scratched-surface goods. If  assisted by  transportation equipment, it can be used in logistic steps, such as transportation, load and unload, and storage.

  ISO Quality Euro Metal Stillage cages for Automobile Industries 15403

Product Description

  What is the parameter of  Welded Wire Containers

  Product Specifications

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  wire options(mm)12.7/9.1/7.7/4.8

  wire mesh size60*120

  Surface Finishmentsilver /golden zinc plating

  ConstructionWire Mesh


  Stack and Nestyes


  What is the advantages of Medium Duty Wire Containers?

  Strong, durable products with a long life cycle

  Improved product visibility with open mesh construction

  Stackable and foldable,space-saving design

  Optional full and half-drop gates for easy access to products.

  Four-way entry for lift trucks

  Multiple finish options available

  What our Welded Wire Containers Standard Sizes and loading quantity are?( welcome to customize too!)

Dimension(mm) Wire Dia Mesh SKU  20GP
800*600*640 ø6.0 50*50 ES00-010-01 343 728 858
800*600*640 ø5.5 50*25 ES00-010-02 343 728 760
1000*800*840 ø6.0 50*50 ES00-010-04 220 484 515
1000*800*840 ø6.0 50*25 ES00-010-04D 220 428 428
1000*800*840 ø6.0 50*100 ES00-010-05 220 484 572
1200*1000*890 ø6.0 50*50 ES00-010-08 148 315 370
1200*1000*890 ø6.0 50*100 ES00-010-09 148 315 370
50.8*50.8 ES00-010-105 126 252 280
50.8*50.8 ES00-010-106 90 180 200
40*31.8*33.5 ø6.0 50*50 ES00-010-129 154 308 364

  How we produce the Welded Wire Containers ?

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  What is our competitiveness?

  1.over 20 years high quality manufacturing experience

  2.professional design team

  3.advanced producing machines

  4.Completed and strict quality control system

  5.ISO9001:2008; ANSI standard

  6.advanced producing facilities such as robot weilding, Auto welding machine, Loading capacity testing machine, Auto Electro-galvanizing lines

  Company Information

  E-soon is an industry leader in quality, performance, innovation, and cost saving wire container; roll container options to meet  automobile, pet preform, post and other logisitcs industries needs. It aims at serving our customers with ergonomic logistics solutions for goods storage and distribution. We have passed ISO9001 certification. We are well equipped with advanced machines such as automatic spot welding machine, robot welding machine, automatic eletro-galvanizing system. Our team, together with 200 skillful technicians and engineers, is professional in designing, manufacturing, exporting, quality control and maintenance.


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