Wire Containers

Wire Containers

Storage stackable supply stacking folding wire mesh containe

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Product number:ES-1005
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Storage stackable supply stacking folding wire mesh container

Product Description

Precision manufactured to exacting standards, ZBR wire mesh containers deliver maximum strength, quality and outstanding value.

Features of ventilative metal warehouse cage

1.Warehouse management is more reasonable,standard with fixed storage space.Easily recognizeing and accounting for all stocked goods.3 Gate designed styles:1/2 drop,partial drop & swing out makes goods pick-up separately impossible without any problems.

2.Saving more space.Four pieces in one pile by sorted stackers,lifts,hoists.Wire mesh allows for high visibility of contenets.Space saving will be up tp 80% by folded when it's empty.

3.Unified operation accompanied by transmission equipments,from goods storage to final delivery.It presents unbelievable benefits by reducing a lot of wastage and labor cost.

What is the layer ball cage bulk container cage??

Product  Keywords layer ball cage, bulk container cage
Dimension(mm) 1266*987*959
wire options(mm) 12.7/9.1/7.7/4.8
wire mesh size 60*120 
Surface Finishment silver /golden zinc plating
Construction Wire Mesh 
SKU ES00-020-01
Stack and Nest  yes

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